Clinical studies and registers

In the field of clinical studies (clinical evaluation) and registers we are able to ensure complete service and also individual activities.

We offer:

  • monitoring of clinical studies
  • postmarketing support
  • leading of clinical registers (non-intervention evaluation)
  • services in the other fields of biomedicine research

Partial activities:

Project management

  • ensuring complete organisation for projects

Medical writing

  • plan and protocol development
  • information for patients and informed consent
  • creation of questionnaires and diaries
  • formulation of running and final reports


  • with regulatory authorities (SÚKL)
  • with ethical committees
  • with participating subjects


  • screening, initiatory and running visits
  • monitor´s running and general reports

Data management - written and electronic data processing

  • creation of reports of evaluation subjects (CRF)
  • database ensuring
  • data digitalisation and validation
  • coding


  • individual consultations
  • training of collectives
  • preparation of educational materials

Our priorities:


  • individualisation of an offer according to requirements and possibilities of our partners

Ensuring and control of quality

  • emphasis on correct clinical praxis
  • to process according to the standard operation processes (SOP)

Legislative and ethical clarity

  • projects under the control of regulation authorities and ethical committees
  • ensuring of personal data protection

Scientific evaluation of projects

  • we are in cooperation with university workplaces
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