About company

DSC Services, s.r.o. is an contract research organisation which was founded by a group of naturalists, doctors and statisticians. On 17.8.2005 it was addedto the trade registry. Its workers have had extensive experience with parametrisation, database processing, analysis and data interpretation, especially (but not only) in the biomedicine research field.

During our work history we have realised how difficult is to acquire the most important information and to interpret it correctly. We have decided to take the necessary steps so that data will be comprehensible for you!

3 main activities of DSC Services, s.r.o. involve:

  • Data Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Realisation of clinical evaluation and registers (Clinical Trials)

DSC Services cooperates with many other companies and external consultants from the academic sphere and market environment. A more detailed spectra of our activities is possible to be found in the particular thematic references.

Primary values of our work are:

  • individual meeting with a client to pinpoint their wishes and requests
  • invention access leading to fulfillment of client´s aim
  • precisely completed work within given terms
  • acceptable prices

We believe that you will find all the necessary basic information on our web pages. If you are interested in cooperation with us, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and ? let your data talk!

tvorba webových stránek: http://www.prezentacni.info